Athletes getting political, who’s on who’s side

Tis’ the season to be political. Once every four years every single American across the country gets to give their opinion for who they should think should claim the Presidency. Nowadays, most of these opinions are slung around on social media by your everyday American and some of those opinions hold more weight than others when it comes to casting your ballot.  Some of those opinions that tend to weigh more on our mind are sports figures. This past Saturday LeBron James gave his endorsement to Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other pro’s having been giving their endorsements as we get closer to Election Day 2016.  Here are some of the notable and interesting 2016 Presidential endorsements from the sports world.


Team Trump


Tim Tebow – Tim Tebow and Donald Trump have a couple things in common.  One is that the American news media has an unfathomable fascination with the both of them. Tebow and Trump know how to play to the fans. Another is that both seem to defy all the critics and win. Nobody thought Trump would make it this far in the run for President and Tebow quarterbacked a Denver Broncos inspirational playoff run in 2011 with the card stacked against him.


Bobby Knight – The fiery Indiana Hoosiers head basketball coach has roots in the military and endorsed Trump at a raucous rally in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Knight was the Army Black Knights youngest ever head coach and has three National championships to his name. Knight is old school and wants to win and that is exactly the Trump campaign is preaching.


Dennis Rodman – Donald Trump’s co-headliner at WrestleMania 7 tweeted last year “We don’t need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump!”. The crazed of the crazy, Rodman’s only other real political opinion is that he believes North Korea’s Kim Jong Un really is not a villain.  Let us hope that  “The Worm’s” opinion does weigh too much on American’s minds.


Team Clinton


Alex Rodriguez – A-Rod has a few things in common with Hillary Clinton. Both A-Rod and Clinton like to blur the lines regarding the rules of their respective organizations. A-Rod had one of the most scrutinized baseball careers for his use of illegal PED’s and Hillary has been placed under numerous investigations during her political career.  Another similarity is their carefree personalities which are at times off putting.


Hope Solo A real fire cracker right here.  If Solo was not playing goalie for the US Women’s Soccer Team in Rio it would not have surprised me to see here at a Hillary Clinton rally screaming her face off and looking to start an argument with an innocent bystander. After Solo’s suspension for 6 months from the US Women’s National she might want to jump on the campaign trail and try to save this for Hillary.


LeBron James – King James has to be the biggest pro athlete endorsement so far this time around.  LeBron is like Hillary in that he likes to take forever to win something and Hillary hopes that she can pull through this time and take home her crown.  Both have been scrutinized in the past for exuding the notion that they are only out for themselves, which is in my mind inconclusive if they both really are.



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