You’ve gotta be shitting me, it’s poop again!

New Orleans police investigate complaints of serial pooper

NEW ORLEANS (WDSU) – Right outside his bar room in New Orleans’ St. Roch neighborhood, John Victorson has seen late nights turn into early mornings, but what happened recently has caught him off guard.

“Somebody has been coming along early in the morning and defecating in the corners,” said Victorson. “It’s just that kind of neighborhood, not everyone can get home quick enough.”

In recent weeks, neighbors said the problems have worsened. One neighbor caught a man — dressed as a woman — defecating on her steps Wednesday morning.

“Someone comes here almost every morning and poops,” said the women, who did not want to be identified.

She said it’s happened over a dozen times in the last month, and she thought it must be the same person over and over again.

“They’re very big, about 6 feet 1 inches and muscular,” she said. “I’ve seen three different wigs and tight pants, a variety of tops and a big bag.”

The homeowner has placed signs up, trying to dissuade the person responsible, and has filed two police reports.

New Orleans police said they are looking into the problem, which is unpleasant for residents in the area.

“Oh, it’s awful and disgusting to have to pull the hose out and hose it off. We’re right by the market and a lot of people have to pass down this street. A lot of people pass by here, walking dogs, and I have to drag the hose out and it makes me sick,” the woman said.




Doooooing grrreeeat. What a way to start your day.  Just a hot pile of steaming human feces on your doorstep to kick things off.  I have done some nasty stuff in my life and maybe I have defecated somewhere I shouldn’t have a couple times but someone has really got it out for these poor people in the Bayou.  Taking a shit somewhere other than a toilet seems to be more often these days in New Orleans.  Maybe it’s to change the mantra “The Big Easy” to “Take A Load Off Anywhere You Like”.  And there is even a part of me who envy these guerilla poopers because I am the person when I see a dog taking a shit on the sidewalk or grass somewhere I make sure utter to the owner how lucky those fucking dogs are to have the ability to shit anywhere and then have someone clean it up after. One day I tell ya, one day.


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