October 3rd 1920: The National Football League plays its first game

In first NFL game, Dayton beat Columbus

On Oct. 3, 1920, the Dayton Triangles beat the Columbus Panhandles 14-0 in the first game between two members of the National Football League.

Organized in Canton on Sept. 17, 1920, as the American Professional Football Association, the league was renamed the NFL in 1922. The owner of the Triangles, Carl “Scummy” Storck, was one of the founding fathers. He served as a league executive for 21 years and as its president from 1939 to 1941.

Storck’s team had been formed in 1916. It was named the Triangles because players worked at three local factories. The Triangles were a charter NFL team, and the Panhandles joined the league before the start of the 1920 season.

During their first contest, played in Dayton, the Triangles’ Louis Partlow scored the first NFL touchdown. George “Hobby” Kinderdine of the Triangles kicked the first extra point. The other touchdown was scored by Dayton’s Francis Bacon.

By 1927, Dayton was the last of the five Ohio teams in the original NFL still playing. In 1929, the franchise was moved to Brooklyn and renamed the Dodgers. None of the Triangles players joined the new team, although five of them went on to play in other cities.

h/t www.enquirer.com




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