Former Miss Universe who Hillary Clinton used to attack Donald Trump turns out to have a pretty shady past

Porn Star Campaigns For Hillary Clinton

h/t The Daily Caller — Former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado, who has been campaigning against Republican nominee Donald Trump for the Hillary Clinton campaign, has modeled nude for Playboy and is in a sextape.

A sex-tape of Machado and a co-star on the Venezuelan reality show La Granjawas released in 2005. The former Miss Universe also appeared nude in Mexican Playboy in 2006 and 2012. Hillary Clinton invoked the 1996 Miss Universe winner in an attack on Trump during Monday’s debate.

Machado said Trump called her “Miss Piggy” after she gained weight, and that he referred to the Venezuelan as “Miss Housekeeping.” Trump said Tuesday, “She gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. We had a real problem. Not only that, her attitude.”

Machado attacked Trump later Tuesday during a call with the press in which she spoke almost exclusively in Spanish. She spoke about her career as an actress in soap operas and film, but did not mention her appearance in porn.

In addition to her background in pornography, the Daily Mail reported that Machado was accused in 1998 of threatening to kill a Venezuelan judge.

Correction: The star of Apprentass 4 was Angel Dark, not Alicia Machado.



Oh boy, Hillary Clinton thought she put one over on Donald Trump at the first presidential debate at Hofstra University when she brought up how Trump treated the 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado.  Turns out she is not the “saint” that Hillary made her out to be.  This Machado is one crazy ass bitch.  She threatened to murder a Venezuelan judge in 1998 after she was the getaway driver for her boyfriend from the scene of a murder attempt. A real classy bitch, though I’ll admit that she sounds like she is a ride or die kinda bitch.  This bitch has no clout with me.  She is an idiot and is now making Hillary look like an idiot to.  The Big Dawg has definitely spanking it to this video and without a doubt us pushing for Hillary to invite Machado to one of her events so he can out the moves on her.   What a sleazy campaign the Clintons are running.  This is politics at is worse. Whoever does end up winning this election will make everything worse over the next 4 years. Not a lot of hope for America.


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