Not down with JPP, yeah you know me

The New York Giants gave defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul a 1 year deal for $10.5 million dollars or about $1.2 million per finger.  JPP who blew off his entire right thumb and half of his right index finger managed to return to the field last season for 8 games and recording an unimpressive 1 sack and 21 tackles.  I can see why the Giants brought him back on 1 year deal but I believe that JPP has reached his ceiling and will never be a top pass rusher in the NFL.

In 6 seasons with the Giants Pierre-Paul has only registered double digit sacks in 2 of those seasons. Not impressive enough in my mind to hold done the role of the teams best pass rusher. Don’t get me wrong, Jason Pierre-Paul is a freakish athlete with his combination of size, speed and athleticism but he lacks the necessary football IQ to be a complete defensive end.

This is becoming an all too common theme in the NFL, signing guys to one year deals that they are truly not worth.  Look, the Giants could have passed on JPP and gone out in free agency and gotten a much better and consistent pass rusher.  I am going to predict that Pierre-Paul will have another sub par season, will not reach double digits in sacks, and will be searching for a job next offseason.  JPP will never reach the potential some experts in the football world thought he would.

Waste of money and a first round pick.


Damn shame.


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