Hot, hot, hot, Merry Christmas!

Here in the northeast I kid you not you could spend this Christmas on the beach.  It’s Christmas Eve here in NYC and its 70 degrees. In 2008 the earthquake that hit Sichuan China supposedly sent the earth’s axis 2.8 degrees off from where it was. To me, that change in the earth’s axis is to blame for this unusual weather around the world. The natural disasters we have had since 2008 have been bigger and more powerful than anything humans have experienced in the last 200 or so years. We are in the midst of a major climate change and it is eye opening to see. A lot of people spend most of their days looking at their phones, checking Facebook and instagram and twitter, but if you take a minute to look around at the weather you will notice that there is something off. What I am interested to see is what is next? When will the earth show humans it’s real strength? Will mother nature destroy a vast piece of what humans have created? Honestly I would not mind mother nature flexing her muscles because we humans deserve it. We do not understand how good we have it here on earth and I think it’s time humans get a reality check. Some catastrophic natural disaster that will put humans daily lives on pause is coming. Many people cannot fathom that something will disrupt their lives. These are the same people who freak out when they can’t connect to WiFi. Sadly, there are too many of these idiots out there. I will be waiting for the next natural catastrophe to occur and teach us a lesson. I will not be surprised, I will be finding out what is next. 

Keep it real hoes.


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