Aqib Talib’s eye poke and the big brother syndrom


Alright, alright, alright, I am sure that there are a bunch of people up in arms about this eye poke that Aqib Talib hit Dwayne Allen with yesterday.  I am here to tell you get the fuck over it, he’s human.  You cannot tell me that you have never been so frustrated with someone that you had to restrain yourself from doing some sort of physical harm to them.  I grew up with two younger brothers and when they would piss me off I would beat on them because as kids I saw no other way to fix the issue and guess what, I ALWAYS got in trouble, ALWAYS.  That’s just how being the older brother goes, no matter who committed what act the older brother was always to blame because he was supposed to know better.

Well, Aqib, I feel for you because sometimes you’ve got to put somebody in their place and that’s exactly what he did.  Now I am not saying that the eye poke was the right thing to do, but in the heat of the moment you do not know how you react.  I’m sure Allen was taken out of his comfort zone.  Let’s settle with the fact that it didn’t look that viscous of an eye poke.  Talib could have kick him in the groin, punched him, or hit him with some other cheap shot.  We should be happy that Dwayne Allen still has his vision and his eye ball.  I am giving Aqib the pass on this.  One game is deserved but a fine would have also been an option in my mind.


Preach bitches.



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